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At Finn Legal Group, we protect your hard earned assets, avoid the delays and expenses of probate, and put a plan in place to protect your legacy. Estate plans are custom tailored because your family and your business do not benefit from a “one size fits all” mold.

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Every Family is Unique

We represent families throughout varying stages of life:

  • Families wishing to provide for and protect their children and themselves
  • Unmarried couples who are either solidifying their relationship through proper planning or dissolving their relationship with the assistance of caring counsel
  • Blended families negotiating the challenges of creating new relationships with varying expectations
  • High-net-worth families seeking strategies for minimizing estate and income taxes
  • Family members or trustees carrying out the legacy left behind through a trust administration
  • Family business owners seeking ways to protect and/or expand their companies or considering how and when to transition to the next generation of ownership

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Estate planning is not only about maximizing wealth. It is about providing peace of mind for you and your loved ones. Let us help you put a plan in place.


Frequently Asked Questions

We created this FAQ section to provide you with answers to common questions that apply to many estate planning cases. However, at Finn Legal Group, we can answer any questions about your specific case. Please call us at (949) 237-2030 for more specific answers to your important questions.

A trust can be beneficial if you want your spouse, or someone else, to have control over specific assets should you die. A trust is also a good idea if you (or you and your spouse) know what you want to give to whom and can designate a trustee to execute this on your behalf. Some couples create their own individual trusts. A revocable trust is a common type of trust for married couples.

Estate planning means planning for your future including your children and the things you own. It can cover what you want to happen if you get sick or what you want done with your money and property. If you're older or have a lot of assets, a trust might be a good idea so someone else can manage your things and divide them up according to your wishes. Small business owners should also plan for the future by determining who will take over the business.

A power of attorney (POA) grants someone the authority to make financial or health care decisions on your behalf. While POA typically pertains to financial matters, a health care proxy, advance directive, or living will handle medical decisions. When someone has POA for you, they can manage your finances and assets if you are unable to do so. Choose someone you trust to act with integrity as your attorney-in-fact, not necessarily the person who is “best with numbers.”

When an individual passes away, the legal process known as probate comes into effect. This court-supervised procedure involves the distribution of the deceased person’s money and assets, collectively referred to as their estate, to their rightful heirs. The primary objective of probate is to prevent fraudulent claims by ensuring that only those with the lawful entitlement can access the deceased individual’s property. Due to this purpose, the probate process is often intricate and not mandatory for all estates. If you find yourself in the probate process, we can help. Contact our dedicated Newport Beach probate lawyer at Finn Legal Group to learn more about the next steps.

If you have a spouse, kids, and own a house, having a will is beneficial. It's an official document that specifies who will raise your minor children if you and your spouse pass away. Additionally, a will can outline the distribution of your belongings and specify the fate of your house or other valuable possessions. It can also include instructions for medical procedures and designate someone to make medical decisions on your behalf. Our Newport Beach estate planning lawyer can easily draft a will for you in just a few visits.